Save Your Kid’s Dyed Easter Eggs – Enjoy Their Eggs Year After Year

2nd-sd-card-easter-pic-2-17-09-002How do you like the dyed Easter eggs in the picture?  My kids decorated those!   Our daughter, s-i-l, and son had so much fun coloring these eggs several years ago.  But… I didn’t boil the eggs and instead blew out the insides so we could save their eggs.  I’m SO glad I did that!   I just wish I had put their initials on the eggs so I would know who decorated each egg.

I store the eggs in an egg carton during the year, and then we enjoy them every Easter.  They make a pretty centerpiece!

Here’s how to blow the insides out of an egg:

  • Let the eggs sit out for half an hour or so.  Make sure they don’t have any cracks, etc.
  • Hold the egg over a clean bowl and gently poke the smaller end of the egg with a straight pin and then made the hole a little larger with a sharp knife until the hole is about 1/16 of an inch in diameter.  Make sure to puncture the membrane inside the egg.
  • Then gently poke the larger end of the egg with a sharp knife until the hole is about 1/4 inch in diameter but no larger.  Again, make sure to puncture the membrane inside the egg.    Insert a toothpick into the hole and gently stir to loosen the inside of the egg.
  • Hold the egg over the bowl with the smaller end on top.  Gently wipe the outside of the egg to clean it, and then blow into the smaller hole.  The inside of the egg should drip out of the larger hole into the bowl.
  • After the eggs are completely emptied, add a drop of dishwashing detergent and water inside each egg.  Cover the ends and gently shake the egg.  Then rinse out the egg with water.
  • Let eggs dry and then decorate as usual.  (We used an Easter egg kit.)