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Any of you with pets know how important it is to take care of your pet. Pet Care includes so much more than just giving your pet food and water. Just as with humans, there are all sorts of disorders that dogs and cats can have such as problems with their joints and muscles or maybe with their eyes.  There is a whole list of things that can afflict animals.  And they need treatment just like we do. is the first online site that has a complete pet health library using today’s veterinary health care standards plus community and pet health management tools. This means a lot to people who have pets who are like part of the family.

Pet care also involves training your pet so that it will not take over and rule the house.  When company comes over, the pet should be well behaved so that company is not intimidated by the animal.  (That’s where we have a problem with our dog.)  Teaching a dog to stay and not jump on guests would help. Another problem people have is dogs begging for food at the table.  Some people have problems with their dog digging in the yard. has strategies to use with pets to help eliminate these problems.