Identity Theft – Be Proactive!

Have you heard the latest news this week about the huge case the Department of Justice is prosecuting?  There were 40 MILLION credit and debit card numbers stolen by a crime ring that spanned from the United States to Eastern Europe to East Asia.  Secret Service Director Sullivan said that this case was the largest and most sophisticated one ever brought against hacking and identity theft criminals prosecuted by the DOJ, and 11 people were charged in this case.  The criminal ring hacked into wireless networks, security systems for major retailers such as Marshalls and T. J. Maxx, and laptops.

Even though these people have been caught, there’s no way to know how many others are out there.  We have personally been the victims of identity theft three different times.  Each time there was a charge on our credit card that was not ours.  We’re careful with our credit cards, and I always shred anything that has our credit card information on it.  But being careful isn’t enough.  Even though the DOJ is prosecuting these criminals, there are still more people out there who want to steal our identity.  We must be proactive!

At lifelock, they’re being proactive and educating the consumer.  Consumers must watch out and learn how to be proactive!