Pictures of my Microwave Bacon Cooker

Here is a picture of my new microwave bacon cooker that I wrote about last week. It really is the best way to cook bacon in the microwave that I have found.


After cooking in the microwave, the pieces of bacon are ready to eat as shown in the second picture.


Now here’s the really neat thing…all the grease collected in the bottom of the cooker. I cooked three batches of bacon, six pieces in each batch. Each time I removed the cooked bacon, I poured the grease into a Pyrex cup. The last picture shows how much grease I collected after cooking 18 pieces of bacon.


I was surprised at how much grease cooked out of the bacon. I was so used to using paper towels when I cooked it, that I forgot how much grease is actually in bacon.

If you’re planning on getting one of these, I would recommend getting two if you cook a lot of bacon. That way you can be filling one with bacon while one is cooking.