Outside Wedding? Have a Back-Up Plan!


We attended an outside wedding located in the garden area of a bed and breakfast.  It was beautiful, like in a storybook.  However, it started to mist at the beginning of the wedding.  Mist was tolerable, and everyone got out their umbrellas.  But just when it was time for the bride to walk down the aisle, it started to rain hard.  Everyone had to head inside at the bed and breakfast, where the reception was to be held, until the rain subsided.  Soon, it did, and the gathering of people went back to their seats outside, armed with towels to dry them off first.  The wedding began again with the bride coming down the aisle.

If you are planning an outside wedding, be sure to have a back-up plan so the guests will have a place to wait until it stops raining, or if it doesn’t stop raining, a place to perform the wedding.