“We Survived the Road to Hana!”

There’s a T-shirt available in Hawaii that has the saying on it, “I survived the road to Hana.”   If you’ve been on that road, then you know exactly what they mean.  It will be ten years this June since our family went to Hawaii, but I still remember a lot about it because it was such an awesome trip.  And I definitely remember the road to Hana.

2nd-sd-card-hawaiiWe took that road during the daytime to get to the “Seven Sacred Springs” which were beautifully located in a rain forest.  It was worth the trip on the narrow, winding-around-mountains-road to get to walk in the rain forest around the springs.  However, we had no idea how horrendous our return trip would be.

When we left the springs to head back to our motel on the other side of the island, it was nearly dark and starting to rain.  Winding around narrow, treacherous, mountain roads (so narrow that you had to honk to warn on-coming traffic as you rounded a curve because there was only room for one car on the curve!!!!!) on a dark, rainy night for miles and miles and miles was at the very least nerve-wracking.  We were never so glad to get to flat land and see the lights of the city.

So…if you ever go to Hawaii, Maui to be exact, beware of the “road to Hana!”  The Seven Sacred Pools and rainforest are worth the drive but be sure you travel the road during daylight hours!  And if you survive, be sure to get yourself a T-shirt.  🙂