Zenni Optical Has New Frames

I wear reading glasses right now, but soon I need to get some neweyeglasses. My doctor has suggested progressives which is what I’m seriously considering. But when I saw the price they would be, over $500, I decided that I would wear my reading glasses a little longer. The doctor also said that I would definitely need to start wearing progressives all the time by next year, so I know I can’t put off buying new glasses forever.
I was excited when I read about Zenni Optical and the positive reports from Fox News TV. Clark Howard, popular U.S. talk radio host, and his staff have gotten eyeglasses from Zenni Optical and recommend them.   Eyeglasses start at $8 and progressives start at $37.  How can Zenni Optical sell them for such a low price?  By selling directly to the consumer and skipping the middleman is how they’re able to offer unbelievably low prices.  Now that is really exciting to know that I don’t have to spend over $500 on new eyeglasses.

New frames are in, and they have a huge selection of frames to choose from. I have a sensitivity to metal, so I have been looking at the stainless steel and titanium frames. And I really like the rimless frames, but someone told me that the half-rim frames are sturdier. So I’m thinking I might get some frames similar to what are pictured here and add the premium anti reflective coating.

If you’re looking for new eyeglasses, check them out.