Starting a Business

Have you ever owned a business?  We have!  There are so many details to see about such as where to print business cards, how to advertise, paying for utilities and insurance, and the list goes on and on.  If you’re just starting out, talk to others who have started their own business, plan carefully, and find the best deals on things.  Make a list of everything you will need in order to run your business efficiently.

Online Ordering

Do you order vitamins online?  We do, and it’s so easy to order, we get a good price that’s better than the sale days at our health food store, and I can order them while drinking tea at home.  When they come, they’re well packed.  I just need some type of utility knife or large scissors to cut open the box.  We’ve never had a problem with our shipments, and it’s so much easier than going to the store to buy them.

Time is Flying By!

Can you believe Christmas has come and gone? Time is flying and it seems like the holiday season flew by in a flash.  Before we know it, it’ll be Valentine’s Day and then Easter.  Income taxes will be due after that and people will be looking at and other places for help with their taxes.  After that, it won’t be long until school is out and summer is here.  Hmmm, things are going too fast now, so let’s just go back to it being right after Christmas!

Bye, Bye Summer!

School has officially started!  I love my students and am so thankful to be in the school district that I am in and also to be at the school where I’m at.  But I must say that I, along with nearly all the teachers that I teach with, are exhausted after one week of professional development and one week of teaching.  Hmmm…florida beach house rentals sound good right now.

It’s hard for some people who have never taught school to understand how tiring the beginning of school can be.  Add in countless hours working on scheduling, getting the classroom ready, meeting after meeting, and trying to get everything done on a long “to do list” only to have things added as soon as you mark off completed things, and that gives those people a glimpse into the life of a school teacher.  Many hours are put in after school and on the weekends!

But the students make it all worth it, and those “light bulb” moments when students learn how to do something, or when they accomplish something that has been hard for them, makes it all worth it!

I’m Still Here

The past two weeks have been crazy here!  How about you?  There has been so much going on, part of it being trying to finish up state testing at school.  Our special ed testing ends this Friday, so that will be absolutely fantastic to have that done and finished.  Hopefully, things will settle down after that.  So, I just wanted to let y’all know that although I haven’t had much time for posting recently, I plan to get back into my regular posting scedule.  Hope you have a great week!


It’s Just a Month Until Mother’s Day

This year is going by so fast.   Valentine’s Day, Spring Break, and Easter flew by.  Before we know it, Mother’s Day will be here next month.  People will be trying to decide what to give their mothers, whether it’s a Mother’s Day Gift Basket or some other gift.  Then school will be over for the summer and a lot of people will be taking vacations.  I hope things slow down during the summer so it doesn’t seem like it goes by too fast!

It’s Still National Oatmeal Month

I haven’t forgotten! And I still intend to share a recipe or two with you using oatmeal. The past two weeks have been crazy at work. We have been packing up our whole classroom and moving to a brand new wing which is exciting. We have all brand new technology (SMART Board, Document Camera, iPad, Flip Camera, Computer Podium with the monitor on a swivel arm) which is pretty cool! However…this has all been very, very time consuming as I’m sure some of you can imagine who’ve been there. So, don’t give up! I hope to post a recipe soon or at least by this weekend.

Update on Last Year’s New Year’s Resolution

Last year, I had only one resolution:  “This year, I’m keeping it simple with just one resolution which is to read my Daily Bible through in one year….My main goal through reading the Bible is to have an even deeper relationship with God and to deepen my faith!”

So, how am I doing?  Well, I didn’t make it anywhere near the whole Bible.  In fact, I’m on page 984 out of 1,688 pages, but you know what?  I’m OK with that.  I’m 984 pages closer to my goal of reading the whole Bible.   Several years, I’ve made that resolution but never succeeded in reading the Bible in its entirety.   For this year, my one and only resolution is to continue what I started last year and finish the Bible this year.  I’m over half way there!

Now, how am I doing on the second part, the reason why I’m wanting to read the Bible?  I can answer wholeheartedly that I do have an even deeper relationship with God than I did a year ago.  And a year from now I want to have an even deeper relationship.  Every year until I die, I want to continue growing closer and closer to God.

If there’s anyone who’s wanting to read the Bible in a year, or anyone who’s never read it and is just simply curious about what’s in it,  I highly recommend the Daily Bible.

The Daily Bible: New International Version: With Devotional Insights to Guide You Through God’s Word

So Busy!

This time of year can get so busy that it’s crazy. I’m trying to cut out what’s not really necessary to do or postpone things that can be done after the holidays. For example, I won’t be getting any term life insurance quotes, etc., this week.  You know the old saying, “Stop and smell the roses.”  That’s especially important this time of year when people can get so busy that they overlook what’s most important.

Friendly Friday 12/16/11

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