Deck & Patio Planters for Container Gardening

Container gardens have been a huge favorite of mine for many years.  With it being so extremely hot here in Texas during the summer months, it’s easier to keep a container well-watered than a huge flowerbed and it also saves on the water bill.   Placing several containers of varying sizes together in groups around one’s deck, patio, or next to trees can turn a rather “blah” backyard into an oasis.  One could check out for a decorative planter or their local nursery for planters to suit their taste.   And by looking at ideas online, a plain backyard could be transformed in one day’s time.  It’s that simple!


There’s something about getting a good night’s sleep that is rejuvenating.  Having a comfortable mattress makes a lot of difference, and we can sure tell the difference sleeping on our mattress with an added pillow topper.  Someone might check out a natural latex mattress los angeles or a mattress wherever they live and decide that it’s one of the best they’ve ever slept on.  I know we wouldn’t trade ours for any other mattress, and when we sleep away from home then we can tell a difference!

Wall Mounted TVs

We were walking through the Electronics Department at a local store recently and were looking at all the flat screen TVs.  Some people probably get peerless mounts to mount their flat screens on the wall.  That sure would free up floor space to have the TV on a wall.  Ours is in an entertainment center which takes up a considerable amount of space on the wall at the end of our living room.   It’s hard to imagine that room without the entertainment center, though, so we’ll probably keep it for a while.

Home Improvement

My husband is very handy around the house.  He has replaced faucets and even our garbage disposal.   He’s replaced many doorknobs, the regular kinds, but not any L-handle latches.  Our son-in-law is very handy around their house, too, and has replaced their kitchen counter and sink, built-in appliances, light fixtures, put tile in one of their bathrooms, etc.  It helps to be able to do the labor and just be out the cost of the materials.  That makes home improvement more affordable in this economy.


The weather is beautiful here in north Texas today, a little on the chilly side, but the sunshine feels nice and warm.  This kind of weather makes people want to go outside, but then the wind chill makes it a little too cool.  That’s when vinyl gazebos would be nice to have in back yards to block off the wind, yet still be able to enjoy the sunshine.  Add some comfy outdoor furniture and some colorful flowers in pots and that makes for an enjoyable place to chill out (but not be chilly).

Sleep Soundly with the Right Mattress

Did you know that we spend, on average, one third of our lives sleeping? That’s a lot of time spent on our mattresses, and all too often, we sleep on inherited, old, or otherwise improper beds. If you wake up every morning with neck or back pain, or simply aren’t sleeping as soundly as you’d like, maybe it’s time for a new mattress. Mattress shopping can seem like a daunting task – there are so many brands, styles, and sizes out there – but it doesn’t have to be.

When making a major purchase like a mattress, it’s always important to do you research. A convenient way to do this is by shopping around online. Retailers like ShopNBC have all types of mattresses, complete with customer reviews and product specifications to help guide you to an informed decision. For example, they carry a plethora of trusted Serta mattresses, a well-known brand with a lot of great reviews. This would be a good place to start when browsing around for a new mattress.

Next, it’s important to consider what type of mattress fits you and your sleeping style best. Perhaps you prefer a standard spring mattress, or maybe you’d like to try one of the new memory foam mattresses that are currently very popular. There are gel-infused foam mattresses, pillow-tops, and more to consider. If you prefer a firmer feel, perhaps a standard spring is right for you (and they also tend to be less expensive). However, if you love to be enveloped by a soft, light mattress, you may want to give memory foam a whirl. Whatever you decide, know that you’re treating yourself to a better night sleep, which has numerous benefits. So sleep more soundly – choose a great new mattress!


Dining Rooms

If I were going to replace any furniture in our house, I would replace our dining room table.  We’re not right now, though, but it’s fun just to look and easy to look online for dining tables at several different sites.  For example, if I lived in Los Angeles (which I don’t – I’m a Texas gal), then I might check out dining room furniture los angeles.  Or if I lived in Chicago then I would check out sites there.  It’s so easy to brouse and shop online and then have someone deliver it.  Sure makes shopping easier when someone is ready to buy.


Basements are rare here in Texas.  I’ve seen a few, but I could probably count them on one hand.  Where my m-i-l lives, however, a lot of people have basements.  Hers is really nice and has basement floor tiles, finished walls, and a ceiling.  It’s quite large and includes a separate bedroom and a 3/4 bathroom.  Plus, it has a pool table, a couple of sofas, a chair, and a full-size fridge as well as her laundry room area.  We slept downstairs for many years when we would visit because we had plenty of space for kids plus a dog.  It’s a great basement for company to stay in because there’s so much room!

Water Softeners

We have a water softener out in our garage. We “inherited” it when we bought this house, but it doesn’t work. We checked into how much it would cost to fix it once, but we decided that the repair was too expensive. Aquatell water softeners and other brands are on the market, and if we really wanted a water softener then it would be better to buy a new one than to have our old one repaired. Do any of you have a water softener?

Chair Casters

Something I really appreciate is having computer chairs with casters on them.  My computer chair at home and at work both have casters which makes it so much more convenient when I need to get something close by and don’t want to get up.   I can just roll over and get what I need.

Once we had a chair and one of the casters broke.  It was nice that we (actually, my husband) could replace it so that we could still use the chair which was in great condition.  I’m all for fixing something, if possible!

Cleaning House, etc.

It’s hard coming home from teaching and having the energy to clean house or even cook supper, especially since I stay later most days. I don’t need anything like durham maid service, though, because my husband is good to do most of the house cleaning, do most of the laundry (I wash my own clothes), and do most of the cooking. That really helps because I’m so tired most days when I get home!  Now, during the summer, I do most of the cooking because I enjoy it.  It’s all relative to my energy level.

Foam Mattresses

I came home from work yesterday not feeling so well. I took my temperature and found that it was over 100 degrees. Chills soon set in so I headed to our comfy bed with a foam mattress plus a memory foam topper to make it extra soft.  I was so thankful to have a soft, comfortable bed to sleep in when I felt bad.

Some people might like foambymail latex mattresses which provide support and pressure relief.  Many people find the foam mattresses to be superior to the regular mattresses they have slept on before.  I definitely do!