FREE Admission to Museums with Bank of America Card – First Weekends of Each Month

Free Ticket:

Check out “Museums on Us” and see if you’re close to one of the 100+ museums participating in this freebie.  There are museums located all over the United States that have free admission for the primary cardholder on the first weekend of every month. Just click on your state and the museums will be listed.  This works with Bank of America ATM, debit and credit cards.

Our son told us about this offer last year, but then he went off to college and things got busy with us here so we never utilized this freebie.  Our daughter, Christi, reminded me of this offer (thanks again Christi!).  Our son is home from his freshman year at college and so I  located the museums we’re wanting to see.  We’re planning to visit a museum this weekend for FREE.  All three of us have B/0f/A cards and are the primary cardholder, so we all get in free of charge!