Ground Breaking Research for Menstrual Blood Stem Cells

The National Institutes of Health and Cryo-Cell International, Inc., have joined together in partnership to research menstrual blood stem cells as a possible treatment for breast cancer.  This exploratory research will use cutting-edge techniques to track stem cells using MRI, magnetic resonance imaging which is a non-invasive method.  What is really great is that even though up to now there has not been a way to do long term tracking of stem cells in a non-invasive way, there’s a good chance that will change.  Not only will using an MRI be able to track the menstrual blood stem cells in their relationship to breast cancer itself but it also could help in finding the best breast cancer therapy.

Treating Diseases is an area where cord blood stem cell transplants have been used to treat more than 70 diseases.  Thousands of lives have been saved around the world and that is so awesome!  And all of this is done in a noncontroversial way.  The possibility of helping countless future lives is endless.  Not only is this used for cancer but also for inherited metabolic disorders, deficiencies of the immune system, hematopoetic cell disorders,  and inherited erythrocyte abnormalities to name some of the diseases.

Cyro-Cell offers banking of babies’ cord blood.  They are the best established family cord blood bank in America, serving over 160,000 families worldwide with well trained child birth educators available for consultation 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.