Back to School – Time to Get Organized!

How many of you have been organizing and getting ready for school to start in a week or two?  I know I’ve been cleaning out shelves and drawers, filing, and trying to get everything organized.  There’s just something about this time of year when it seems natural to do that.  I guess it’s the teacher in me.

Things used every day need to be easily accessible and labeled for efficiency purposes.  The Dymo Label Maker is a perfect tool to help get everything organized. File folders can easily be labeled.  Plastic storage bins and plastic tubs need labels just as well.

For children, it helps to have things labeled by type or maybe by the child’s name if there are several children in the family.   For teachers, the classroom is a great place to use a label maker to get everything in top notch organization.   Students can label their book covers, folders, and other supplies.  And we can’t forget college students who have files and all sorts of things that need to be organized.

There are more uses for a label maker besides household or educational purposes.  Those who sew or enjoy a craft know the importance of keeping things sorted and easy to find.  And even husbands can benefit by having their nails, screws, and hardware organized.  The uses for the Dymo Label Maker are limitless!