Four Foods On Friday 62

#1.  Waffles. Do you usually eat frozen or homemade?

Definitely frozen.   (We received a waffle maker for a wedding present, so years and years ago I actually did make homemade waffles.)
#2.  Eggs. Do you buy brown, white, or it doesn’t matter?

White, and whichever brand is on sale.
#3.  Oatmeal. Do you usually make instant or cooked?

Usually instant.  Sometimes I’ll cook steel-cut oats.
#4.  Bacon. Share instructions or a recipe that you use bacon in.

I did a review on a Microwave Bacon Cooker a year ago.  It’s the best way to cook bacon so that it won’t be greasy.  The cooker looks like a pitcher but the inside rack is the key.