Hormones Driving You Crazy?

Oh, what women have to go through with their hormones! First, it starts at an early age around twelve or so when many experience cramps and that “yuchy” feeling once a month. That goes on for a while until they reach their thirties when many start experiencing the symptoms of premenopause which include PMS, weight gain, infertility, fibroids, endometriosis, etc. This goes on until perimenopause when symptoms such as greater weight gain, irregular periods, heavy bleeding, hot flashes, night sweats, insomnia, mood swings, thinning skin, fatigue, memory loss, etc., begin to occur.

I wish I had known in my thirties and especially my forties what I do now. So many things affect our hormones such as diet, lack of exercise, stress, hormones in our toiletries and in the beef we eat, toxins, etc. These things affect our hormones to the extent that our hormones get out of balance and start causing the above mentioned symptoms. I am now using natural hormone supplements prescribed by my doctor. Let me stress the word…natural. They are not synthetic. They are compounded by the pharmacist, made especially for me, and are definitely making a huge difference in the above mentioned symptoms.

If you’d like to read more, then I recommend reading this chapter called“Hormone Balance Made Simple” by Dr. John R. Lee, who was “an international authority and pioneer in the use of natural progesterone cream and natural hormone balance.”

A Smoothie or Fruitlatti a Day Helps Keep the Doctor Away :)

Well…maybe it is supposed to be an apple a day. 🙂 But there is something to be said for having fresh fruit every day. During the summer we have a fresh fruit smoothie or fruitlatti several times a week. They are so easy to make if you have a good blender. (I am blessed to have a great blender, a Kitchenaid, that I was able to get for half price.) My family’s favorite is a simple strawberry fruitlatti. But the fruitlatti and smoothies vary depending on what fruit I have on hand.

I think a banana is a basic must for any smoothie or fruitlatti. The banana thickens it up to a good consistency. Today I was short on fruit. All I had was one banana and a little fresh pineapple. So I looked in the freezer and found half a package of frozen peaches and a tiny bit of frozen strawberries. (Fresh is always better, but in a pinch frozen works fine. ) I blended it all together with a sweetener (Stevia), a little water and lots of ice. It needed a little more taste so I added some orange juice and then it tasted really great.

The awesome thing about using fresh fruits is that we get the natural enzymes that help our body so much, as well as the vitamins. It’s great for female hormones, stomach problems, stress, and for most physical problems and ailments. Enzymes are the “spark of life,” and I know that I feel better when I eat fresh fruit daily.