Four Foods on Friday #19 Questions

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#1. Do you ever use scissors to cut any foods? Yes

Which? Raw or cooked?

Both. I use my kitchen scissors a lot, in fact, I have two pair of them. I use them the most to cut raw chicken. I get the best deal on chicken breast I can find and then cut it to the size I need. If I can’t get a good deal on boneless chicken but chicken breast with the bone is really a bargain, then I’ll use my scissors to cut it off the bone. Sometimes I use scissors to cut pizza.

#2. Popcorn. Homemade, microwave, bagged, hot, cold. How do you like it?

We like it popped in a hot air popcorn popper. Then we put extra virgin olive oil on it and salt (or sea salt). That’s our favorite way to eat it. And…I feel good about eating it that way because everything on it is healthy… in moderation.

(If anyone eats much of the microwave popcorn, I suggest researching the safety of the butter flavoring added to it. I’ve read articles that make me want to stay away from it.)

#3. Sushi. Love it or hate it?

I can’t stand the thought of eating raw fish. I think I tried it once when our s-i-l had some, and I didn’t like it.

#4. Share a dessert recipe.

I just posted a great dessert recipe that is easy: Pineapple Delight. If you like pineapple, this tastes like delicious pineapple cobbler. I got this recipe from a friend who has had several requests for her recipe.