Renuzit TriScents “Transform Your Home with Tanya Memme” $20,000 Home Makeover

If you have not voted in the Renuzit TriScents “Transform Your Home with Tanya Memme” semi-finalist gallery, then I urge you to go vote today. In fact, you can vote once every day through June 7 for one of the ten semi-finalists. The winner with the most votes will win a $20,000 Home Makeover.

The picture at the top shows my choice of Renuzit’s ten semi-finalists. My choice is for a precious family who has triplets. They have one young daughter who tells why we should vote for her family. She tells their story in rhyme in a very creative way that is humorous at times. I hope their family wins because just having one baby is a strain on the family budget. I can’t imagine having three babies to take care of at one time.

The young daughter tells of the need for Renuzit’s Triscents to freshen the air in certain areas of their home where there is a frequency of diaper changing. With three babies, I can imagine there is a constant stream of diapers, especially dirty diapers. Can you imagine what the air must smell like? The little girl holds her nose, and I think that pretty well illustrates the situation!