Menu Plan Monday 9/27/10

Fall is definitely in the air, although technically it’s still summer.    The funny thing in Texas is that even though it actually felt cold today, it’s suppose to be up in the 80’s on Tuesday.  We’ll probably have more days in the 90’s before fall actually arrives.  Enough about the weather. Let’s see now…what’s our menu for the week?

MONDAY:  Rotisserie chicken from Walmart, Sauteed Yellow Squash in Herb Butter, green beans

TUESDAY:  “Healthified” Impossibly Easy Chicken ‘n Broccoli Pie (use some of the rotisserie chicken)

WEDNESDAY:  Rotisserie Chicken Soup, again using leftover chicken

THURSDAY:  Salmon Patties, corn, lima beans

FRIDAY:  Chicken Alfredo with Broccoli (Our son is supposed to come home this weekend and this is something he likes.  However, this is subject to change if there is something he really has a taste for.)