A Few Clutter Control Tips

Clutter can build up within just a few days!  It’s absolutely crazy how fast it can accumulate.  Here are some good tips to remember:

1. HANDLE MAIL ONE TIME.  Sort mail as it’s being looked at.  (I do good for a while, and then we have company or something else happens.  Then the mail is in a pile for a few days.)

Here are some sorting suggestions:

  • Basket for bills and things needing a response
  • Basket for coupons and sale ads
  • Have the shedder nearby and shred as needed, especially credit card applications, forms, etc.
  • Have a recycling bin nearby and recycle everything possible

2.  “SOMETHING IN, SOMETHING OUT” is a good practice.  If something new is bought or received, something old needs to be donated to a charity or given to someone who can use it.  (I haven’t actually done this, but we have charities that come on a regular basis and pick up donations off our front porch.  I put things out for them regularly, so I think it balances out.)

3.  PRIORITIZE WHAT IS KEPT.   Keep only things that are actually used or that will be used in the near future, things of great sentimental value, etc.  (I’m working on this one because I keep way too much stuff!)

4.  KEEP THINGS IN THEIR PLACE.  When something is used, it’s good to put it back where it belongs…right after using it.

These are just a few suggestions, and I’m sure you have some great ideas.  Please share!  🙂