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Alzheimer’s disease used to be something that I would just read about in magazines. But now it seems that every year someone I know is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. One of my friends, who I knew in high school, no longer visits her mother in her childhood home but visits her in a special care facility for Alzheimer’s patients. Two more friends’ mothers received the same diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease earlier this year. Just recently, I found out that a sweet lady with whom I used to do volunteer work was diagnosed as well. So now Alzheimer’s is personal for me because four ladies who are friends of mine or my family are affected by this disease. Their families know firsthand just how important quality care is for their loved one who has Alzheimer’s, quality care that will provide for their educational, social, emotional and practical needs. And that’s why they have found facilities that provide this kind of excellent care.

When you are thinking about a special holiday gift you want to get for someone, why not visit the Alzheimer’s Foundation of America eStore where you can not only get a nice gift but also help a wonderful cause! Remember that all proceeds go to benefit the foundation. And remember that it is so important for families with Alzheimer’s patients to find the best quality care they can find, and your purchases at the eStore will help that cause as well as aid in seeking to find a cure. We need to remember to give our support to these families in various ways and help them when we have the opportunity.