“Head Up, Shoulders Back”…”And Don’t Slouch!”

posture-corrector-4-08.jpg It’s hard to always have good posture while doing all the things we have to do during the day. I think the worst time for me is when I’m sitting at the computer or driving in the car. I really have to concentrate so I don’t slouch.

I’ve thought about a posture corrector before and seriously thought about buying one. Having good posture helps me to breathe deeper, and deep breathing is so important for oxygenating the blood.

My doctor told me on my last visit (she’s such an awesome doctor) that one reason some elderly people can’t get rid of pneumonia is that their rib cage is affected by all the years of slouching. They can’t cough deeply enough like they need to in order to clear their lungs of the congestion. That definitely made me want to work on my posture!

And one of the best fashion tips is to have good posture and “don’t slouch!”