Another Tip From My Mother-In-Law

I told my mother-in-law a long time ago how I use the 2 pound Velveeta boxes (the brown bottom part) for various uses around the house.  They are clean, very sturdy boxes which are great organizers.  And being the recycler and reuser that I am, I use these boxes for several things such as organizing my make-up drawer or desk drawer.

Well, my mother-in-law told me this week on the phone about a great way that she uses them and to write about it on my blog.  She uses them to hold boxes of over-the-counter medicine and pills.  All she has to do is reach up in the cabinet and get down the box, and then she can easily access the small box of medicine that she needs.  Great tip!

I just thought of another good use…to hold Jello and Pudding boxes.

Here’s an idea from one of my readers, Christi:  “You could also use them to organize a junk drawer – pens, scissors, etc. or if toy have kids you could let them decorate them to become houses, train cars, etc.”

Anele says, ” Just get some pretty wrapping paper to cover the Velveeta part and no one would ever know! Pretty cool!”