During the winter, the air in the house gets so dry on cold days. We need the heat to stay warm, but it sure does take the moisture out of the air. We run a vaporizer in our bedroom nonstop during those times to put humidity back into the air.  Some people might use a Volcano Vaporizer to put not only moisture in the air but also essential oils.  These oils are released through hot air vaporization through patented technology.

Vapir Vaporizers have retro designs available to add style to the herbal aromatherapy experience.  The Extreme Vaporizer has a remote control which offers convenience as well.   We use a Vicks Vaporizer to keep our bedroom air from getting too dry while we sleep, and it works well to keep the humidity in the room.  When the temperature gets down into the twenties for a period of time, I usually will run two vaporizers, one in our bedroom and one in the living area.  They really do make a difference in the humidity level and eliminate static electricity in the air.

Note:  This is a sponsored post.