Organic Cotton Tea Towels

Cotton towels do the best job drying dishes, or at least I think so.  I saw towels from Ecokitchen, and they reminded me of ones we had when I was growing up, only ours were a lot thinner.  I remember my grandmother had 100% cotton dish towels, homemade from flour sacks many years ago.  I had a couple of  store bought ones that were OK  but not quite as good as my grandmother’s. She had so many towels through the years that by the time I came along, she still had some left.   I wish I had some of them.  Her towels were awesome for drying dishes or maybe it’s just the memory that’s so awesome!

Hodgson Mill Organic Corn Meal

I don’t know how much you know about GMO foods (genetically modified), but the more I know, the more I don’t want to eat them.  According to Jeff Cox, author of  The Organic Food Shopper’s Guide, the European Union, China, India, and Zambia refuse to import GMO foods into their country.  Since some of our corn here in the US is GMO corn, I have been trying to buy organic frozen corn from Central Market as well as organic corn meal such as Hodgson Mill’s Yellow Organic Corn Meal.  Organic corn is never genetically modified!  Always look for the little green circular label that says “USDA Organic” for truly organic food.

Patti Page Organic Pancake Mix & Syrup

If my daddy were still alive, I would get this for him for Christmas. One of his favorite singers was Patti Page.   I remember as a little girl, I loved the song she sang called “How Much is That Doggy in the Window?”  Most of you probably have never heard of it, but from what I remember it’s a good song.

High Protein, Chocolate Yogurt


Here is a simple recipe for delicious, organic yogurt with high quality protein.  And Stonyfield Yogurt has six different yogurt strains which makes for very healthy yogurt.

Mix the following:

  • * 1 cup Stonyfield Organic Yogurt
  • * 1 scoop Whey Protein Isolates, chocolate flavor (we use Gold  Standard 100% Whey Protein Isolates, Double Rich Chocolate)


Whey protein is an excellent protein for women going through perimenopause, menopause and afterwards.

Organic Bath Towels

Gaiam Organic Towels are premium towels made from 100% organic cotton.  It would be nice to have organic towels such as these that are made without chemicals being in the fibers of the cotton.  I don’t like the smell of some new towels and fabrics where there is some type of odor that makes me want to wash them as soon as possible!  There’s no way to know how many different chemicals were used in the making of these non-organic towels.

Organic Bath Robes

Organic bath robes from Happy Planet would be great for anyone. The organic fabric is suppose to feel wonderful against the skin.  These quality robes are made with very soft, organic cotton, are chemical free, and are durable to last many years.  It would be nice to know that one’s bathrobe didn’t contain harmful chemicals in the fabric.

Stonyfield Organic Yogurt

blog-stoneyfield-yogurt-salad-etc-8-24-09-002This is a great organic yogurt that contains six probiotic cultures, making it one of the best yogurts on the market.  It’s made from pure organic milk which means not only does the milk not contain any synthetic growth hormones or antibiotics but also no toxic pesticides are used in the process of growing their grains which are fed to the cattle.

Just like the carton says, it’s very smooth and creamy.  Sweeten it with Stevia and add your favorite fresh fruit.  Delicious!

How to Read Labels for Organic Products

The USDA has three categories of organic products:

  1. “100% Organic” means that the product is made with 100% organic ingredients.
  2. “Organic” means that the product is made with at least 95% organic ingredients.  The remaining 5% cannot contain any GMO’s.
  3. “Made With Organic Ingredients” means that the product is made with a minimum of 70% organic ingredients.  The remaining 30% cannot contain any GMO’s.

If the product contains less than 70% organic ingredients, then they may list each organic ingredient in the Ingredients List on the side of the package.  However, the product may not have “Organic” on the front of their packaging.

How to Get Ezekiel Bread Coupons (Food For Life Coupons)

Some of you may have been to the website for Ezekiel Bread and tried to get coupons unsuccessfully.  On one page, they do have a place to click for coupons.  However, it won’t respond and take you to coupons.  So I went to “Contact Us” on their site and wrote them about my problem.  Within a couple of days I heard from them saying that they would mail the coupons to me.

If you are wanting coupons, then you have two choices:

  1. Call Food For Life directly for coupons at 1-800-797-5090
  2. Go to the Food For Life website at and go to “Contact Us” at the top of the home page. When you write them, give your name and address and ask them to mail coupons to you.

It was easy, and I received 50 cent coupons in the mail for Food for Life products.