Free Printable Holiday Gifts Shopping Planner

If you’re like our daughter and me, we are big list makers.  Lists are wonderful to help us stay organized!  Well, a few minutes ago, I was online and happened to come across this free printable Holiday Shopping Planner which is designed specifically for Black Friday but could used all month long.

The planner has a place to list people, gift ideas, location where the gift is being sold, the  price, and (this is  great) the time the store opens.  It also has a place for Cyber Monday.

This free list is from Sonic which is also advertising 1/2 price breakfast burritos all day on Black Friday.  I wouldn’t be surprised if we stop by and take advantage of this!

Shoe Repair

With the economy the way it is (and it doesn’t seem to be getting better here where we live – my opinion and the opinion of several random people I’ve been in conversation with during the past month), more and more people are looking for ways to save money and cut costs such as using a shoe repair shop.  You can have your nice, leather shoes repaired and maybe even dyed to take away scuff marks.  A good pair of leather shoes can last for years if well taken care of and sent to a reputable shoe repair shop for cosmetic purposes and repairs.  That’s a great way to save money!

Slow Cooker Meals & Tips

Who doesn’t like to come home from work or from a busy day running errands and have dinner waiting in a slow cooker. Just walking in the door and smelling the aroma of a delicious home-cooked meal is so inviting. Well, Food Network has eleven tips for slow cooker meals that are definitely worth checking out. I already see one tip I need to remember, the one that talks about how it’s better to fill a slow cooker halfway to two thirds full.  Also, here are eight simple slow cooker recipes from Food Network that sound so good!

With the holidays coming up, a lot of us will be taking desserts, dips, snacks and appetizers to parties. What better way to keep them warm than in a slow cooker. If any of you have eaten at Qdoba’s and love their queso, here’s a recipe for a lower-fat version of Qdoba’s 3-Cheese Queso.

Don’t have a slow cooker?  Check out these from Amazon.  I’ve started ordering from Amazon more and more the past couple of years after realizing how easy and convenient it is.  And I nearly always find the best price on something at Amazon plus a lot of items qualify for free shipping which saves money! A lot of you probably figured this out a long time ago..

Black Friday Sales

I wonder how many of you are planning on going to the Black Friday sales early this coming Friday morning, and I do mean early! We are planning on getting up before dawn and going to several stores to get some really good deals.  What makes Black Friday so fun?  I guess it’s being with family and/or friends, shopping at a crazy time during the middle of the night, and being on a quest to find the best bargains out there.

Product Review: Family Dollar Holiday Entertaining & Gift Items

I was excited when a large box arrived on my doorstep, and when I opened it…this is what I found!  I knew that Family Dollar was sending me something, but I had no idea it would be this big!

Inside this beautifully wrapped package were all sorts of goodies. There were things for Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas!

In my gift basket for “Halloween Happiness,” there were Spooky Lollipop Rings and Halloween Suckers plus a Halloween pumpkin. (Family Dollar has good prices on their candy for trick or treaters! Note the Lollipop Rings are just $2.) For Thanksgiving, there were several things: an apron (a bib apron with two large pockets AND with DuPont Teflon fabric protector to protect from stains), two holiday dessert recipes from the Family Dollar Holiday Recipe and Coupon Booklet, and a fall leaves bowl.

By the way, you might want to get the Family Dollar Holiday Recipe and Coupon Booklet to help with your entertaining needs and your budget.

The “Christmas Corner” included a Family Dollar Christmas Toy Book which has 24 pages of value packed Christmas toys, affordable for every family.  Our daughter (Christi from Frugal Novice) was visiting when I opened my Family Dollar “Fall Entertaining Toolkit” basket of goodies.  When she saw the toys they sent me, which are in the Family Dollar Toy Book, she was impressed and said that she would definitely be going to Family Dollar to purchase some toys for gifts.

They have $5 toys for kids of every age, and they feature popular name brands like Hot Wheels, Disney, and Bakugan.  In fact, they sent me a Bakugan toy.  I have to admit that I had no idea what that was, but our daughter was very familiar with Bakugan toys.  When I gave it to our grandson (Christi & Brian’s three year old), he was fascinated with it.  In the picture, you can see our grandson, dressed in his red pajamas, playing very intently with his new toy. He liked it so much that he slept with it that night, and even went to sleep with it clutched in his little hand.  It was definitely a hit!


Family Dollar has everything from kids’ favorites like full-function Radio Control Kid Cruisers to $5 board games to Kidget clothing for newborns-toddlers to hot-priced electronics.  They have play huts for $10 such as the Disney’s Tinker Bell and Disney’s Princess.  They have something for everyone!  What is really impressive is their great selection of $5 toys and gifts.  Also available are wrapping paper and seasonal home decor accents at great prices. No wonder they’re one of the fastest-growing discount chains in the United States and also a Fortune 500 company.

If you visit Family, you can enter the Family Dollar Holiday Dream Dash Contest for a chance to win a 90 seconds holiday shopping spree in one of their stores.  You can enter now through November 19, 2020.  Be sure to go back and vote the week of November 22nd.

Note:  Family Dollar offers a 10% discount on bulk toy purchases of $100 or more, perfect for the charitable gift-giver!

Central Market FREEBIES through October 5, 2010

This is a ready-made meal and would make a whole meal for us, but if you wanted to then you could get some frozen veggies and cook them in no time at all.  Here are the freebies for this week:

Buy this:

  • Central Market Rotisserie Chicken

Get these free:

  • Family Size Caesar Salad
  • French Baguette

That saves you $7.68, and you can feed your whole family for the price of the chicken and maybe a veggie.