Jewelry Accents & Wedding Rings

What girl doesn’t like a pretty piece of jewelry to accent her outfit?  Some may want just one piece of jewelry such as a bracelet for their accent, while others may want a matching set of necklace, bracelet, and earrings.  Whether one wants diamonds or colored gemstones, Reeds Jewelers has been serving customers since 1946.

Customers can design their own jewelry such as a custom made diamond engagement ring, or they can choose from a great selection of engagement rings as well as wedding bands and wedding gifts.  This family-owned company wants to help plan a perfect wedding!

Engagement & Anniversary Rings

Are you thinking about engagement rings or maybe anniversary rings? Seems like a lot of people are right now.

Our son-in-law is so creative (I guess that’s the graphic design artist in him) when it comes to giving our daughter rings.  When he proposed at their favorite coffee shop several years ago, he had previously been there and bought one of their chocolate candy eggs, taken it home and carefully opened it so he could place an engagement ring inside, and then closed it up so that it looked like new.  Our daughter, knowing nothing about this, opened the candy egg at the coffee shop thinking that our s-i-l had just purchased the candy.  When she saw the ring, he got down on one knee and proposed to her.  So sweet!

Well, recently they celebrated their five year anniversary, and so our s-i-l being the creative person that he is, bought a book and cut out a section in the middle of it so that he could place an anniversary ring inside of it.  You can imagine our daughter’s complete surprise when she opened the book!

I don’t think I need to tell you what a great s-i-l we have!!

Outside Weddings

We went to an outside wedding this past Saturday evening and guess what happened!  You’re right, it rained.  Just as the bride was coming down the aisle, it started raining harder and all the guests had to go inside and squeeze inside this old, charming, beautiful two story home that had been turned into a bed and breakfast.  When the rain let up, everyone went back outside and the wedding ceremony proceeded in the outdoor wedding chapel.

It’s definitely the time of year to be thinking of weddings and diamond rings.  Hopefully, for those who have planned outside weddings, the weather will be beautiful and clear!